CAP-(I)-62386 – Protocol Analyser (Interface) for DALI Devices

Intuitive protocol analysis for DALI

You are looking for a simple solution that allows you to:

  • verify the features of one or several DALI devices throughout the product development process
  • analyze the bus and prepare the data in a clear manner
  • analyze DALI protocols
  • carry out a problem analysis in case of malfunctioning
  • be able to then also save and filter these data
  • review and analyze the data also at a later time
CAP-I USB Dongle
CAP-I USB Dongle

And you especially want:

  • to get displayed not only the valid data but also the invalid data so that you can carry out an evaluation of the bus
  • not only to read the data but also send them and analyze the reactions and configure the devices accordingly

Then the right solution for you is the software by who GmbH (CAP-62386) in combination with the appropriate interface (CAP-I-62386).

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