BV2021-8 - LonWorks® FT/LP Compatible Communications Transformer

The BV2021-8 is a Communications Transformer compatible with LonWorks® Free Topology and Link Power networks using the ISO/IEC 14908 1 (ANSI/CTA 709.1 D or EN 14908 1) Control Network Protocol.

Originally, the BV2021-8 was designed to be used with the Echelon® FT 5000® Smart Transceiver. However, it can be used with the FT 6050® Smart Transceiver as well as with current state-of-the-art microcontrollers that incorporate the FetLON stack.

Due to its very small size the BV2021-8 may be used as an alternative to the FT-X3® Communications Transformer in a broad range of applications, especially within products where a small footprint of the whole LonWorks® interface is a major product requirement.

The BV2021-8 has been designed and tested according to the Echelon® compatibility specification.

Further information can be found in the BV2021-8 datasheet. For pricing please use the contact form.

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